Avicii bio post

How’s it going out there friends?

Today I wanted to write a post on who Tim Bergling, or as many of you know him as, Avicii is and how he got to where he is at today in the EDM/music industry.

Avicii is a Swedish born Electronic DJ. He is widely considered one of the best if not the best DJ in the world to date. Avicii signed his first record deal in 2007 where he released his song “Seek Bromance”, which reached the top 20 all across the world in many different countries.

It was not always easy getting to that point though for Avicii. Before he was ever recognized for his phenomenal music taste/ability, he had to grind his way for years as a plumber in his hometown. Goes to show how no one reaches the top from the get go.

Avicii has been nominated multiple times for Grammy awards. One of those songs was “Sunshine” with David Guetta and another was his popular song called “Levels”.

Avicii’s first album, True, garnered a lot of respect and attention from EDM fans all across the globe. A lot of the songs off of this album found its way to Pete Tong’s radio show.

Going forward I’m going to do a post like this where i will write about a specific artist and how they came to fame. I hope this will appeal to most of you fans out there.

Calvin Harris car crash

For those of you who have not heard the old news, Calvin Harris was in a pretty severe looking car crash a few weeks back and somehow some way walked away uninjured. Outside of being taken to the hospital, Calvin checked out with no injuries.

If you would’ve seen the pictures of the wreck, you would have thought there was at least one casualty involved in the situation.

We have some recent news on how Calvin is doing since the car crash.

Calvin has had to cancel 2 of his shows since the car wreck and has had all the support of girlfriend Taylor Swift in the healing process.

We will keep you guys updated with his recovery process and when he will return to performing shows.


The creation of DEM Club

Hello everybody,

I wanted to kick off our new blog by telling everyone exactly what DEM Club is and why I’m starting this.

DEM Club is a blog all about EDM music. I’m a huge EDM fan as you can tell I’m sure.

This blog will keep you up to date with all of the current EDM artist and songs that are popular today.

We will let you know about artist such Kaskade, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, etc.

If you’d like to comment on my posts you are absolutely free to do so. Also if you want to contact me you can also do that through my personal email for this website which will be at DEMcluboc@gmail.com

For those of you who are wondering about the West OC part of this website, I currently reside in the west part of Orange County.

I moved out here after college to pursue a career in music. We will get into my music career as the website continues to have content added to it and even share with you guys my path to get to this point in case there are any people out there who are interested in a career of music of some sort.

I come from Akron, Ohio in the northeast Ohio area. I love Akron and where I come from but I’m very happy to be out here in Cali now. There’s a reason they call this the Golden State.